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e-Start Induction Featuring ...

  • Video presenters ...
  • ... in your workplace ...
  • ... quizzes & interactivity ...
  • ... across platforms e-learning ...
  • ... data tracked and recorded ...
  • ... 98% approval rate

induction e-learning from e-learning WMB
Netflix style LMS e-learning

E-learning is Free

Create your own e-learning - limited to 15 topics - and download it for free use on your own Learning Management System - there are no restrictions on the e-learning’s use. Alternatively we can host the e-learning induction for you at a small annual cost. Additionally the DIY and Bespoke packages allow larger inductions and bespoke filmed presenters.

Induction is Quick and Easy

e-Start is the only global e-learning induction system which enables you to create your own induction from scratch. We can of course create the e-learning for you but e-Learning WMB’s revolutionary e-Start induction can be created in a browser in a matter of minutes. If you can produce a PowerPoint document, you can use e-Start.

video presenters and virtual learning worlds in induction
e-learning induction customised in cloud

e-Learning is Flexible

Your CEO is changed, it has expanded to take on new businesses or undergone a rebranding. Your induction needs to change to reflect this. No problem, simply edit the e-Start induction in your browser using the Jackdaw Cloud e-learning editing system.

Induction is Engaging

Video presenters, animations, a massive video and image library and interactive templates make e-Start inductions uniquely engaging and memorable e-learning experiences. With e-induction, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.

Induction is Engaging

e-Learning like Netflix

Induction is tracked, reports produced and emails automatically sent out to push new hires through the induction process. e-Start uses the Netflix style Open Elms system for hosting the e-Learning which is a very powerful yet easy to use system.

And there’s so much more ...

The induction system can also be supplied with ...

  • 175+ complementary courses
  • Netflix Style LMS
  • Customised Reporting
  • e-Portfolios