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e-start - bring induction training online

The e-Start induction e-learning experience is as close to a traditional chalk and talk style on-boarding session as you can find. The induction training takes place in a 3D room with video presenters introducing company videos, animations and images to fully reflect your existing induction processes.

e-Start e-learning is now available in two forms. The e-learning can either be created by ourselves (e-Start bespoke) or we can give you the platform to create your own (e-start DIY).

Click on the image to see an example of the e-Learning we can produce.

Bespoke v's DIY Induction

Bespoke e-Learning

e-Start creates e-learning from your traditional induction training within days. The e-learning features custom animations and includes filming the presenter at your company locations. The e-learning is then supplied with all the e-learning content management tools needed to ensure your e-induction is managed effectively and easily updated.

Contact e-learning WMB to discuss your e-learning induction requirements.

DIY e-Learning

e-Start DIY has everything you need to roll-out market leading e-learning induction. The system is supplied with the e-learning creation software – Jackdaw Lite – which enables you to effortlessly brand and edit the e-learning content (change text, images, videos etc.) The e-learning features a videoed presenter can even be enhanced by adding/removing further e-learning templates to the e-learning. All this for an incredible £1,999/$2,999!!!

For further information about e-Start DIY click here.

Why e-Induction?

There are many reasons to start an e-learning induction programme, here are just a few...

The cost of e-learning induction is far lower than traditional means


e-start induction saves you time and money (at least 50% when compared to traditional induction - see an example cost benefit analysis.)

e-learning induction data is tracked in the e-learning Learning Management System

Records kept automatically:

The induction system is trackable, which means that for any given employee e-start tracks what induction topics have been read and where training is successful. Management reports can then be produced on the induction data.

The e-learning system sends new hires emails to remind them to complete their induction.

Automate management tasks:

Automate tasks such as sending out emails to all new starters yet to complete the induction.

e-Learning leads to better induction training retention.

Better retention:

Induction has traditionally been compared to drinking from a fire hydrant, a lot of knowledge goes in but most slips out. e-induction allows just-in-time learning; this means the student can reference the induction course data at any time.

e-learning assessment is added to the e-induction

Assessment data recorded:

Assessment questions and tests can also be added to the online software and links can be created to your existing intranet/internet induction and HR content.

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e-learning induction demo for free instant access to 3d virtual worlds and video presenters in e-learning